I need your opinion on this!

I have been thinking. Should I be an animator?



I just made it in vector, then added color in bitmap.
In case you're wondering, they boy is supposed to have a puzzled look on his face.
NOTE: First drawing made completely on a computer.

Yes I know I put this on Scratch. If you want more details, just ask me.

Instead of showing headshots you should show 3 frames, all walking positions, put them in a project, and make them switch through the frames for an example.

Go tell JDraws that. OK, I'm not that advanced.

Trust me, Iv'e had worse than this.

Skill gains slowly over time, try what every you want! I'm very slowly become good at art too.

I'm better at creating things that are cartoonish, but also kind of look like they don't exist. For example, my logo. It's a giraffe.

Okay, now you say that I can see the spot in back, but where's its long neck?

As to the original question, I don't think anyone can answer it but you. But when you say "an animator," do you mean someone who draws the intermediate frames to smooth out the motion of someone else's artwork, or do you mean you want to write and draw your own anime, or what?

P.S. Your two faces are awesome!

This is part of why the neck is short.

I want to make short movies (movies as in videos). This is one frame, but me and my friend @jjjis123 are working on something, well, BIG. Anyways I'm doing drawings, he is doing pixel art. I'm not going to say what it is yet though... :slight_smile: