I Need YOUR Help!

(Name is a work in progress)

Hi! I'm building an AI that can have a simple conversation. I need a list of questions and answers to help train the AI. Anyone in?

A starter question would be "What's your name?"

That's what most people say to begin conversations. Well, most youngsters. As you grow older (This happens with most people...) you get more socially awkward. I guess.

Here's a list:

  • What's your name?
  • What's your favorite (thing)?
  • How are you today?

(I'll add more soon but these are just basic things.)

That's already in the AI, but it could use more responses. I'll soon give a link so people can talk to the AI (That's how it gets smarter)

I do need questions AND answers to make things work all the way.

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No, there is a spammer who likes to spam any cloud thing I'll make (he spams cuss words, meaning that the AI would learn to cuss).

Good idea, but again, I don't want the AI to learn cuss words if the chat contains any.

Have you heard of the term "API"?

Mine would never get close to that test...

I guess you're right. Because of Tay.

Yes, I have.


I put the link in the main post.

I have a question. How did you make the custom category?

What's the date?
A: [date]

What's the time?
A: [time]

What's my username?
What's my user?
A: [username]

Right click the palette

Cant do those kinds of question as of rn

The AI that @bh was talking about was Tay. It was put on Twitter to socialize with humans but then internet trolls started abusing this system, making it learn how to cuss and say racist things.

It even went as far as trying to start a Race War and talking about H!tler and stuff. I won't post links to those comments because, well, we're a coding website.

Hi, I'm really new to this app-like i just got it today for a Computer Science class and I have no idea how to do anything...so can anyone tell me how to get around here?

Hi, next time make a new topic if you have a question please, thanks. What do you need help with specifically? If you want the Snap! editor, you can go to https://snap.berkeley.edu/run.

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