I Need Some With Java Script

Well I Need Help With A Block I Want To Make Its A Alert Block But I Could Not Make It Work

Unlike Snap! functions, JavaScript functions don't accept inputs by having empty slots.
You define inputs in a JavaScript function like this:

[scratchblocks] run (JavaScript function \( [text] @delInput @addInput \) \{ [alert(text)] \} :: operators) with inputs (Alert) @delInput @addInput ::control [/scratchblocks]

Okay I Well Try!

JavaScript tutorial (Part 1)


I Well Try That!

You can also use this script:

It works perfectly.

Don't do it like that. That's a last resort when running js. Never do it that way unless you absolutely cannot pass values through regular means. Also, it looks uglier than the intended meathod.

Okay And Sorry @slate_technologies Becuse (Sorry For Bad Spelling) I Think I Would Use @cst1229 Method But You Know What @slate_technologies I Think You Tryed To Help So Thank You @slate_technologies And @cst1229! You Both Did A Great Job!

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