I need some code

I have recently created a game called candy land.i will update it to make it better but I need the code to do so.if you know how to code a tower defense game please be happy to share with me:)
lemon head:medium range,medium attack speed
chocolate bar:long range,slow attack speed
peanut brittle;medium range,fast attack speed
orange lolipop:short range,medium attack speed,can attack all enemies in range
bubble gum:medium range,slow attack speed,bullets explode on impact
cookie dough:medium range,slow attack speed,bullets will pass through enemies until reaches end of range
and enemies

Can you share the project so we can solve it?

Also, this fits in Snap! Editor , not here.


thank you the game is here V

sorry if its laggy

thats cool, keep going

yo poked whats good

sorry but candy land has been canceled

Very sad to hear.

3d FNAF 2 script pic