I need music!

im making a game but I don't have any music for it! I want some cheerful music that you would have in a town kind of place and one for in a park!

Here are the top three sites where I get royalty free music:
FreePD <-- Attribution is not required for music from this site (it is for the others).
Silverman Sound Studios

I love CC 0(Creative Commons 0 license).

I want music in snap I can't access those

I'll find some cheerful music for you, put them in a project, and share the project with you.


Do these work?:
If they are too big for your project, you can compress them again with the compressor I used and shared (or I could do it again for you if necessary). If you don't want these, I can look for and share other music.

this might help?

thanks! those work nicely


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