I need it to say multiple unicode to letters

i want to make something that takes Unicode to letters but when i type in the numbers it won't give a response or it combines all the numbers. And i also need it to do it with any Unicode i put not just one specific response. Any ideas?

untitled script pic 95
untitled script pic 96

sorry it didnt work

Can you take a script picture of what you tried and show us? Or publish a project and post a link to it here.

Drag the map block onto the list second of the join block, it should say “input list” and not just “join”

this is what i have and im sorry i may have worded the question wrong.

Snap! a-z (berkeley.edu)

You don’t need split by line because it’s not lined text, it’s already a list


Also why do you have a random wait thing that doesn’t do anything

What exactly are you trying to do

im not clean with code so random bits just hang around

No I ment this
This doesn’t need to exist, there’s no wait time it just artificially slows it down
a-z script pic

and im trying to make it translate unicode to letters but ive only made it translate it one at a time and i want to be able to put multiple so like 119 119 108 instead of just 119

im aware its just for fun

Why even have Unicode if you’re just gonna convert it immediately after back into normal text?

Do you mean this?

becuase it thought it would be cool and yes

But that just unnecessarily slows down, bloats, and makes it harder to code anything in the project

the entire project was a stupid make a word into unicode becuase i was bored

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