I need ideas

help im bored and i dont have any ideas AAAA anyone got ideas for me to code?

Depends, how hard do you want the challenge to be?

AI/ML, emulation, interesting algorithms, etc

mabye medium difficulty? something to give me a challenge, but nothing too overwhelming

Hm...um...I uh...okay I'm out of ideas too.

A constantly randomly evolving graphic artwork, in the spirit of Refik Anadol.

You should try to make an image editor in snap, which includes stuff like, different shapes, selecting, rotating, and stuff a regular image editor has. And it would be cool if you added a way to import images, although you would probably need js (unless there's something to import files in scisnap).

What about a remake of the old games? Simple ZX Spectrum games, remade with high-res graphics from the net or made by AI. Further enhanced with the network multiplayer and bot challenge.

  1. Jetpack - collect the parts, then refuel the rocket and escape the planet.


  1. Pssst - grow a sunflower, fighting against expanding hordes of parasites of different kinds with different countermeasures.


How about an 2D rouge-like game where you have to move along stuff and discover naturally generated rooms and treasure inside them and random items are in the treasure make it kind of old school style make it more rpg and you have to kill enemy’s

There is, in fact, something to import files in scisnap:
my sciSnap! script pic (3)

Build a drum computer

Church.pdf (1.3 MB)

How about this concept for a game:

  1. A (player-supplied?) picture is cut into a specified number of rectangular pieces. One piece is left on the canvas (from now this is considered the solved part of the puzzle); the others are hidden.
  2. One of the hidden pieces reappears. It fits at exactly one side of the solved part of the puzzle.
  3. The player is granted a limited amount of time to put the newly appeared piece in the right spot. If the player manages to do so, they will receive points (depending on speed and if the player gets it right the first time). If not, the piece will be hidden again for later use.
  4. Return to step 2 until the puzzle is completed.
  5. Keep a list of high scores (perhaps using a mqtt server as a shared repository, if that’s at all feasible - I have understood this is a subject of discussion on the forum :smirk:)

In order to make the game more dynamic, you may want to move new pieces around the solved part of the puzzle, such that the player can only attach the piece while it’s near the right spot. Even more fun would be asteroids (bullets, whatever) flying through the canvas, with a chance of destroying a new piece while it has not been fitted in yet.

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A* is pretty cool.