I need ideas for a mod

I’m making a mod I need to know which color would look great on it I made everything a slight green tint

hm, dark gray for the background and blue for the UI

Ok I’ll try

While I was trying to set the UI to blue I came across this and this looks good do you agree with it?

i was thinking something more like this: (also btw i think bold white text looks good)
snap mod_2

Also wait I forgot to change the logo yeserday the logo looks like this

But I’ll tey

hm, is the it block being dragged to the snap block?


I made a screen shot in the middle of almost snapping a block and then I removed the background and shrinked it

put a mouse in the bottom right of the it block

I’m using iOS but I can put a image on top of a image

like this, but higher quality

[ERR: existent file IS NON-EXISTENT]


Well I’m back and here

Does this look good

Here is what it looks like

i like the logo

I feel like you should add anti-aliasing (no sharp pixels) to the mouse, and make the blocks more high-quailty, for the Logo.