I need Ideas for a Game Name. (Topic: Space Exploration)

This is my First Post on any forum actually, so bear with me for a sec,

I have no good game names for my Space Exploration type game. For now, it is prototyped as "DungOn - The Order of the Realms" (stolen from a older unfinished game of mine on Scratch). It used to be a Dungeon Exploration game, but I am redoing it as a Space Exploration game on Snap.

So please, give me good game names. also, DON'T give existing game names (Such as Starcraft).


Is there a fuel limitation?
If there is,maybe "The Gravity Slingshot Oberth Suicide Burn Centrefugal manuver"
If there is not,maybe just "The return of the heat shield" or smth

(That’s also what astronaut means. Astro = stars and naut = sailor)

Hypobolic orbit
F equals Gm1m2 over r cubed(or maybe just r depending actual implementation)
Gravity defect
whatever';DROP TABLE NAMES;--(joke term)

Nine quadrillion seven trillion two hundred billion
(alternatively fifteen ohs and two two two oh four four six oh four nine two five)
Negative throttle(or things that shouldnt be negative like entropy)
Up goer Γ(greek letter c or some other thing that looks werid)
One over one minus velocity squared over c squared(or mass times c squared?insert your own weird formula here,maybe scrodinger's wave equation?)

It is not about a Spaceship from a Space Program, Instead a Person exploring an undocumented planet (and maybe finding rare minerals/undiscovered elements)

ExSpace. To parody SpaceEx.



Planet Flier

Otherworldly Miner. Or something with Otherworld because i like that word

Okay, here are some extra info
*It is about a astronaut exploring small asteroids/plutoids in the literal edges of the solar system (possible other systems too?)
*The name needs to be in one word, like 'Unhexquadium' suggested by commenter d4s_over_dt4
*Also Simple, like 'ExSpace' by slate_technologies

*Removed imintheshadow (Just a little joke, like Herobrine.)

(ps:unhexquadium is the island of stability so see if it goes into asteroids)


ooh noo no nukin



but yeah I agree completely with Orion (for extremely personal reason and because I love the name)

Orion is a constellation..?

ok yes but Orion is also a constellation

i seriously doubt pajama was referring to whatever that is

UPDATE: I have now chosen a name, It's AstroMiner by d4s_over_dt4. Thank you d4s_over_dt4! and also thank you for the people who participated in this post!