I need Help with something

I am building a Minecraft-like game and I am using pen I need an extension for snap that is kinda like Voxel.js but for Snap! And I need it to build Voxels kind of 3D you folks can either give me like a 3D whole like extension that is exactly like voxel.js(like walking on platforms and stuff) or just give me a 2.5D suitable extension that could help me build 2.5D and trust me I am not lazy I just have to work on my project… okay fine 8 am a little lazy but just help and I need isometric

i could mabye do that
but dont expect it to be good
or done soon


Hello! Are you done?

I’m working on it

Got It! :grinning:

I think I could use beetle blocks for this

Nah I think we should keep it to snap! Beetle blocks wouldn’t be able to be converted to Snap!!

Though try using either sprites or pen

I have a idea of how to do it in pen!

I’m going to follow griffpatch’s tutorial on ray casting and modify it

That is raycasting not isometric. Isometric is 2.5D so we see the player from a angle and you can see the ground blocks

Here is my idea

Ignore your text here!

I think I could do that

And also I need a extension okay?


Give me progress so far?

I’m working on it
it’s not 3d yet

You there?

i think in 10.0 (the next major version) we will get something like beetleblocks built-in as it was in the dev preview last time i checked if i remember correctly