I need help with questions and answer

When the user inputs the answer, it needs to execute a different block of code, but only if the answer was input.

@oofpaste249 = smol bran

More context….?

Is this what you mean?
If not you need to elaborate.

when flag clicked
ask [What's your name?] and wait
if <not <(answer) = []>> :: control
say [That's a nice name!]
say [You don't have a name!?]

Cmon dude, you literally showed me how to do this when I found snap, remember?

example hat block :: control hat
ask [what comes after "e"?] and wait
if <(answer) = [a]> :: control
say [EA Sports]
say [The answer was "a". "EA Sports"]

im pretty sure i didnt but okey

yes i was just stupid because i just had a brain fart

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