I need help with an npc for my horror game

So im trying to make a chase scene in my horror game but in order to do that i need to of course make the antagonist chase the main character. im using an untitled script pic (3) block for the enemy to and i need him to chase in the same direction as the main character instead of when the main character wraps around the edge and back to the bottom and the antagonist runs to the bottom instead of continuing to run up to make it look like the main character is acually driving on a road instead of just teleporting to the bottom. basically i want the main antagonist to follow in the main characters previous steps while still following the main character

In the block, just set a variable that tells the npc to continue running off the edge. Once the NPC has done so, you can set the variable back.

can you please explain it more thouroly because i dont get the variable and when you are talking the block because i dont know what block it is.

Can YOU be a little more thorough?

You said it in your original post!

Please test the TEST build! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
The car's speed backwards is faster than forward. Please help me with that.

the reason i said can you be a little more thorough is because i didnt include a variable for the enemy.

when you said the block i thought you were talking about a different block that i had in there or something. i just didnt know what the block was

ok i will see if i can get that fixed i dont know why it does that but i will get it fixed
Edit:i fixed it all you had to do was just adjust the number from -1 to untitled script pic (4)
Another Edit:i also might adjust the turning mechanics because i think it turns a little to sharply
i will post the new link in a bit
Edit: here is the link Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I don't see any npc's in this...

im talking about the guy in the black hood in the first link at the very top

There is no link at the very top...

oops hold on
here it is Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Can someone please help me with my npc i still dont know how to make it

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