I need help with an essay for one of my sources… (bh?)

I am working on an essay for school called: “AI” (with the quotes)

One time on her it may have been Brian Harvey but someone said something about AI not existing yet and nothing is really AI. I need confirmation.

uh maybe yeah everyhing is just a bunch of algebra

Their argument was some like “AI does not exist, everything that claims to be AI is simply a database.”

uh thats something too old but thats what my AIs end up like

Well I’m looking for who said it.

Not me. Sounds like something @slate_technologies might say?

I would be more likely to have said, "once AI succeeds at some task, that task is defined not to be AI any more," which is a paraphrase of something I think John McCarthy said.

I think I may have said that, not about AI in general, but about someone's Snap! project that was alleged to be AI.

Nah, something I said about AI once goes along the lines of this:

"My way of explaining how AI works is that the AI’s brain is separated into modules that all have different states.

There is the Memory Module, the place where previous experiences are jotted down and stored. If an AI is playing a Guessing Game with you, and you guess 5, it will remember that. Later, the AI will guess that your number is 5. See? It has remembered your number, and will apply it to the present.

There is the Thinking Module. This part is self-explanatory. The AI will make decisions here. Let’s say that there is a street with a 90-degree right turn. The AI will make a conclusion that it should turn to the right until it has turned 90 degrees. It also has states that apply to the certain conditions it is given.

Let’s take an example: An AI is trying to find and hunt you in a game. If the AI doesn’t know anything because you just booted the game and reset it’s Memory Module, it will move randomly until it has found you. Let’s call this the “BeforeCaught” State.

Now, the AI has memorized where you were caught last time, and moves on to the “Caught” State. The “Caught” State means that it would go to where you were last caught as it memorized where you last got caught.

These Modules and States are essential when trying to code an AI. An AI won’t know what to do or how to learn from you or others if it doesn’t have all these Modules or States."

I wrote this article/essay/research paper when I was 10. I haven't touched the research paper for a VERY long time. Back then most of my writing was cringe and unfinished. Hell, the article I copy-pasted (shown in the quotes) ended with "My philosophy is that an AI could do the tasks any normal human could do. Why?"

That's it. Why. IT. ENDS. WITH. WHY. And I didn't even EXPLAIN IT!

Holy sh#t that is something that sounds like it came out of my mouth.

I think I said something similar to that, but not quite. You see, some person was making a chatbot on the Forums and shared it and I told them it wasn't really an AI due to it having pre-programmed responses rather than learning.

Speaking of chatbots...@mr_owlssssnap2, where was that AI Jam submission which you wanted to submit to @sir_kitten2's AI Contest or something?

Speaking of AI Contests, we REALLY need to host something similar to that. On Snap!

Well, when I got IP banned, he disqualified me from it, and I just haven't actually worked on it since then.

Dang what the heck @sir_kitten2

come to think of it, i havent seen any of sir kitten's post/comments in a while, maybe they quit?

Could you quote it here?

Maybe @ego-lay_atman-bay

I can't, I forgot what the post contained. So going in the searchbar is, you know, useless.

Also earth I've said this before about my article: I published it AS an article. You were getting confused between AS and IN. You thought I published this IN an article.

I corrected you but I don't know if you got back.

I never said anything….?

No, I wouldn't say that. I've watched enough videos on AI, that I know that AI is real.

Gah then who was it!

^^ Plastic is artificial and it's real, too ;}