I need help pls

Hi guys, I'm new to the snap! community, today I try to create a GO board game like this pic

Thanks, gusy<3

Hi! Welcome to the community.

Your question is quite vague. I can offhand think of three plausible ways to do it:

  1. Draw 13 long vertical lines and 13 long horizontal lines.
  2. Draw 144 small squares.
  3. Make a square costume and stamp it 144 times.

Is this the kind of advice you want? Maybe it would help if you said something about your prior experience. Have you used Scratch, for example? Do we have to explain how to draw a square? Things like that.

so as i know right now, i can draw a square,a cirle and i can use basic for . that everything i know to now.

Okay, great.

  1. Draw a square.
  2. Move the sprite into position to draw the next square.
  3. Do that 13 times.
  4. Now put that in a procedure and call it 13 times to make the rows.

thank you so much for your patient

this is my idea. I still don't know how to make it draw from the top left of the canvas, so I set my first draw at x=0,y=0, i used a for loop to draw 19 square a row then move x= 10 steps then draw it 19 times more. my first question is how can i used a for loop that can draw 19 square*19square faster, my draw needed to type so many codes. my second question is how can i draw it entire the canvas?

So, first of all, the point (0,0) is, as you've seen, in the middle of the stage. Here's how the coordinate system works:
XY Grid
And for the other question, you can nest FOR blocks by clicking (not dragging) on the orange variable block to change its name:
But since you don't actually seem to be using that variable for anything, you could just say

I did it,

but how about the circle how can I draw the circle exactly at some point in the first pic bases on the x and y value?

Sure. Instead of trying to draw a circle with lots of tiny lines, I would set the pen size to 3 or 5 or whatever works for you, and when you're in the right place, just PEN DOWN and MOVE 0 STEPS.

I don't know how determine where is right place to put PEN DOWN to draw a circle, can you help me with that

Yes you do. You know about the coordinate system, you know where you started drawing squares, and you know how big a square is. So you want, e.g., the bottom left corner of the fourth square of the third row, right?

My advice is to have a little run on course 3 on code.org and then come to Snap! to do whatever you want :slight_smile:
It is best if you sign up there
And you can also play with it to finish other courses.