I need help for my r-system project

i was making my own l-system project (which was inspired by bromagosa's l-system fractal deck) and i got a error saying 'reporter didnt report'
edit:i have now fixed the problem

heres the code

Your last else if doesn't have a report block

And then if none of the conditions are true - you haven't got a default report block either -defense programming :slight_smile:



its now saying 'expecting a list but getting a text'

You need a 'item 1 of ' block in the find first item


He means that your list looks like

1 2
name block
name1 block1


So, you are testing for

if (list name1 block1) = name1

, which will equal false.

What you want is [scratchblocks]
(item (name1 v) of [list v])[/scratchblocks], because Snap! has built-in support for dictionaries.

but now it doesn't respond to the 'rule' block

the rule block is a command, when put on a run block and its command is 'move', it should move the sprite when run

You need to put ASM IDE script pic (3), not the word.

Follow my previous reply

ok i give up

im gonna rewrite it

Bruh this is the answer, just drag and drop:

It fixes your problem