I need help creating a console with pen

Problem #1 (solved)

I'm trying to create a console-like I/O system to help make the implementation of Lox in Snap! a bit easier, but I've run into a snag. For some reason, when I hit enter, Instead of adding the text to the history list, it just clears the text variable.

The project is called libLox.

Problem #2 (Unsolved)

If I set the prompt variable to false, it doesn't change anything until the user presses enter. I tried using (unevaluated), but that didn't help.

It adds the text to the history variable, and clears the text variable for me. Maybe try reloading?

Oh, yeah. I wonder why it's not printing, then.

Oh. Some script was overwriting the screen. I pressed stop, and now it's fixed.

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