I make a Tetris game

I made a Tetris game

Move left: Left arrow key
Move right:Right arrow key
Soft drop:Down arrow key
Hard drop:Space key
Rotate clockwise:Up arrow key
Rotate counterclockwise: Z key

Very nice !

For improvement: add the next block feature

Added next piece preview.

Thank you for your comment.

Super, speed up to increase the difficulty while we clear lines....

Can we select the music : tum, to to tum, to to tum, to to tum to to tum... (you know)
Tetris theme

Just added that with the three included loop sounds from Scratch
and if you want to play music other than the three included sounds,
click the import song button and click the music file you like.

Em, nice project, but I'm a little bit confused.
Can you please tell me what I'm supposed to do?

Go raibh maith agat.

Have you heard of Tetris?
In order to make lines, fill a horizontal row

Hey who flagged me?I was complimenting the creator