I made snake on scratch/snap!

I made snake in Scratch and ported it to snap! I had to get rid of the skins i made though because there no text box yet :(. I hope you guys enjoy the game and beat my record.

I am open to ideas

also its my newest game

Can you send the link?
EDIT: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
Found it

ok cool hope u like it

shouldn't you lose when the snake hits itself?

yes but that was too hard for me to code

list(snake) contains head

that doesn't work unless the head is fixed to moving in increments on a grid, and all the other parts of the snake close every path through the shape. i'm assuming this game just takes steps forward which would make it nearly impossible to hit any of the snake like that because it's a bunch of ridiculously small spaced out points

I did not look at the project.
The classic version is in a grid.

yes theyare small

i dont like grids i just made it like slither.io but terribel

what you'd need to do for collision is get the lines between the points, and the line from where the head is from where it's going to go.

i'd reccomend trying to first create a seperate project where you just get if two straight lines touch, and then try using that after

Nah he needs circle to circle detection

that's only if you want the snake to die if the very tip of the head brushes against the body, line detection is easier and gives the player more leniency without causing much issue
the difficulty doesn't decrease that much since the player would likely just make shapes that are harder to avoid after getting comfortable. snake is always easy if you're extremely patient, but people aren't

Why not?

Only if you haven't learnt the pythagorean theorom

there's more to it than that but i don't want to get into it since this is going well off topic

Cool project.

We have to die when we hit the stage limit...