I made pac man kind of

I was going to post this on Scratch, but I got blocked because the Scratch Team took my comments that are not meant to be taken seriously, seriously.

I really should stop commenting.

Anyway, I was making Pac-Man, and I wanted to share this to brag about it. I probably was going to share this with my friends at school, but then I realized they would probably reject me because they don't actually share common interests with me.

I'm not finished with the project, though. There isn't any bonus points, and completing a level and respawning is buggy. I've been working on this game for about a week (about 50 hours if you want to get technical). There is also no sound, and you have infinite lives.

Anyway, here's the link: THE LINKKK HERE'S THEL INK IN CASE YOU HAVENT NOTICED IM PUTTING THIS IN CAPS LOCK AND MAKING IT LON GSO YOU NOTICE THEEHRE'S ITS HTE LINK CLICK HERE . I thought of making this in codepen and not code.org, but I only have my school's computer so I was afraid of doing so since the school could track my history (EDIT: also because i'm too young). how do you color stuff I can barely do anything on this computer!

When there's a missing graphic I need or i just need placeholder graphic, I try to make the graphic glitchy. So when you complete a level, instead of flashing, it just exposes the right side of the spritesheet. Before I added points, if you ate a ghost, instead of showing a number, it shows the space between the strawberry sprite and the Pac-man sprite (in the sheet)

I would be glad if you wrote a review or some ways to improve it (if you could figure out how the code works)

The project doesn't seem to work for me.

As this is a Snap forum, would you be able to re-code it using Snap and see if that works better for you?

It seems quite good project.