I made a "Virus Simulator!"

I made it in on Scratch today then found out how to get it to snap

wheres the link

oh i forgot but its my newest game

Promissing concept for a Snap! game!
And well done - I like the music, and the graphics, too. :+1:

If you would like to further develop it, so as to make it even more realistic, you might consider adding features like:

  • infected persons eventually die or get well again (and will then be less vulnerable to reinfection);
  • retransmission and incubation delays (it takes some time before an infected person will infect others, or becomes ill, respectively);
  • human response to infection / illness (keeping a distance, isolation);
  • vaccination;
  • elements of chance (not every contact causes infection);
  • virus mutations;
  • user-controlled sliders for parameter settings (= interactive control of the simulation);
  • fighting an epidemic with limited resources (:arrow_right: making it a truly strategic game).

Whatever. Have fun :slight_smile:

I added death but I may add a 1/100 doctor skin that runs around for 5 seconds helping the infected people

I could definetly add speed slider for human and virus and size factors so it’s easier and harder for them to touch eachother