I made a story using the Menus library

I made a story using the menus library in Snap!

Update: The pen is no longer used, Just the Menus Library.

The general GUI:


If you don't see any choices click the word "continue" to move the story forward.
Clicking anything but the choices and the word "continue" will toggle a loop until you actually pick something.

The Project:


In my opinion, it's a very cool use of the Menus library.
Whoever had the idea of implementing the speech bubbles into the library needs an award.


fr good job, i might use this..

I want you on Hyposyn Software's team.

Very cool, brilliant idea too.

That would be Jens.

Yeah, that's the idea. The different color speech bubbles simulate a conversation by text message, of course. (Supposing you have an iPhone rather than an Android phone.)

Could we have the ability to color the speech bubbles?

Say you wanted to make a supposed chat group story. How would you identify each of the characters?

You can ask Jens (or just wait for him to read your post), but my guess is no, because he wants this to be simple to use, and having lists of alternatives (i.e., menus) is already hard enough.

would you like to join?

uh, no. I'm currently developing the story for the "game".
you can use the project as a base for whatever you want to create with it.
as long as you credit me somewhere.

no for like helping us in future projects, we make os simulators and you are very talented.

and stuff on GitHub in Replit in C++, HTML, and other :slight_smile:


How do you use the speech bubbles?
Edit: Nvm, figured it out. This is such a cool feature

yeah it is