I made a simple programming language in Snap!

Try it out HERE!
I made this a while ago, so I had to update the ASSOC blocks :P
An example script you can try:

log "Flipping..."
wait 1
if > {!rand} 0.5 skip 2
log "The coin landed on tails!"
skip 1
log "The coin landed on heads!"
log "Flip again? (Y/N)" ask
if = {!ans} "Y" jumpto 1
if = {!ans} "N" skip 1
jumpto 9

Its control flow is based on skipping lines or returning to previously-executed lines.
Please let me know if you have any questions or bugs to report.

It looks kind of like batch script or bash script. Nice!

I like this! Especially I like the use of data-directed programming (the a-list of command names and blocks). Also the ASCII Art. :~)

There were two things that seemed confusing to me about your language. One is SKIP vs. SKIP TO. The latter isn't skipping; it's jumping. I would have a separate JUMP command instead. The other is PROGRAM KILL. This is the only meaningful input to PROGRAM, but "program" sounds like it takes you to a program editor. If it were KILL PROGRAM instead, that would make it clear that KILL says what the command does, and PROGRAM is just a required text for safety.

Done and done.
In my original version of the project, where the user could type commands manually, the PROGRAM prefix ended in LOAD or KILL. That isn't applicable anymore, but I just forgot about it, I guess.