I made a scrolling engine

I made an engine that could be used for some kind of scrolling-related project.
It doesn't actually use the scroll feature, but instead allows the user to drag the page up and down while holding space.
Keep in mind this is just an engine, so it doesn't currently do anything, but you can see the scroll variable changes up or down when you drag with the mouse.

Neat! I especially love how it changes the cursor..

beautiful !

Er, I sort of took the code from this engine for changing the cursor, but I'll give you plenty of credit (is that OK?)

Oh, you don't have to. It wasnt my idea or code.

Ah, ok. I'll still give due credit, because it certainly wasn't my idea.

In my Custom Blocks project there's a set cursor block with a dropdown menu, if you would prefer that.

Oh even better! I will update the project

Done this one: https://snap.berkeley.edu/snap/snap.html#present:Username=hm100&ProjectName=Scrolling%20Engine

My own take on scrolling engine