I made a eso-lang compiler


A Program may take as little as two seconds to compile, However this compiler assembles a large amount of blocks to make it work in Snap! However, Snap! does more work rendering the giant ring.

So if Snap! freezes it's because it's actually updating every single Rectangle that is visibleBounds(), However I checked and this just gets the bounds of said Morph and just renders it. Snap! Developers, I encourage you to read the optimization idea below. (as to make my chromebook not crash when trying to render 3000 blocks.)

Hello World Program:


Optimization Idea:
Before updating broken check every rect and see if it is inside another rect in broken If so remove it from broken. Do this ONLY if the number of broken rects is less than 1000. If not just update the world and the world ONLY.

(eso-langs are easier to make compilers for in my opinion)

Hey! Another esolang enjoyer?
This will be fun to play with, I may learn a thing or two, since I'm trying to make my own esolang kind of, just using Snap!, inspired by this exact language.

Does it compile Malbolge?

Does it only compile BrainF***?

For some reason brainf makes me think about C because of the printf statements.

lol, I mean I guess.


Here's how you program in Malbolge.

Simple Hello World Program:
Simple Print String Program:
Sinple Random Integer Generator Program:

Yeah that's all I've got so far.

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