I made a cool dungeon crawler (and explained what the project notes mean)

I made a cool little dungeon crawler out of boredom, it's pretty barren right now but it's multiplayer and preforms pretty well on this school chromebook i'm using

Maybe you guys could give me suggestions on new features or tell me how it preforms on your end with multiplayer and stuff


also the stuff in the project notes are references to the maaaagical world of AIDungeon's Discord server, namely some jokes passed around in both it, and servers that have popped up as a result of it existing as i used to be an active member of "the thing" known as :moyai:|off-topic and am still somewhat involved in it, if you wanna see some good, quality entertainment, try asking around in that server's off topic channel about the history of it and the "off topic lore"

but yeah idk heres funky dungeon crawlr xd tell me things so my neurons can fire in cooler differenter patterns

I really like the console. It's really neat.