I made a cloud variable thing

my only request, is that you don't use these blocks too often.



Come on, man; I just wanted to see the source code.


In case you want to know why I wanted to take a look at the source code...

I wanted to see the code; the name of the repl looks pretty similar to the name of another cloud variable server, and I wanted to verify that it wasn't a copy. It seems the repl is private, which is also why I got suspicious. I went to the base URL to see what I would find, and lo and behold, a message for all the hackers out there. I didn't want to hack anything; I'm just curious about why the titles of this and the other cloud var repl are practically the same. EDIT: After further review of the profile, it seems that it's probably your original code, so take all of this complaining about "forking other people's project and claiming it as your own" thing and move on with your life.

You should hopefully be prepared for spam; some people scour this forum for servers to spam (and possibly crash).

The last thing you want to tell your users is that the server has a good chance of crashing.

Also, why don't you use post requests? You can store a lot more data and aren't limited to the length of the URL.

A copy of the uni gottingen server?That's weird

the reason the main page says the word "stupid" is because i tried to think of a word and the word "stupid" just popped up and i wrote it down.

the reason I don't use POST requests is because the server is in PHP (and to be quite frank, i have no idea what $_POST takes in as an argument.) and i have to change it to node.js for POST requests to work.

this isn't a literal carbon copy of that site.

plus, that site is bombarded with security issues.
this site has been updated to use nodejs, instead php.