I made a browser-stored list thing

~ ~ check out the project ~ ~

(the actual fun code is inside, so you should look inside the project for the full effect)

Basically, it can create a multitude of different lists that are stored in the browser, all with different things in them.

Honestly you could definitely make this a ton quicker (probably with more efficient use of Database and lists) but I'm very happy of what I made.


Cool. But you can do the same thing with the actual library.

? What library?


I don't think you can't store lists using Database? At least when I tried it didn't work.

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I think that's only for your first post.

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sir_kitten2 - nope??? It happened for every post up until that one
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If it work with lists, i need a tutorial...


it should return a list... not a concatenate string of the list content...

List data just returns all the data added (in your case 123456, see explanation below) as a list. If you ran the code "add henlo_kitteh to console" and then "add 1 to console", using my list-data reporter would return a two-item list, containing henlo_kitteh and the number 1.

For the "list data" to return a list like yours in "add _ to console" it would need to be put in like this:
add 1 to console
add 2 to console

... and then so forth.

So why does the list concentrate?
Add-to-console turns anything inputted (multiple inputs, single inputs) into one string, like a list- your 1-2-3-4-5-6 is recognized as 123456. That's why the 1-2-3-4-5-6 is stored as 123456. If you ran this code, your console would store the data "123456;false" because your input is 123456 and the "false" is the natural ending of console data because I couldn't figure out how to remove it. For list data to work as a list, it returns the data from the console and splits it by semicolons, returning a list with a single item- 123456- instead of a six-item-list containing all of your numbers.

@loucheman, does that make sense???

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The first time I "levelled-up" I recieved a notification.
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You still have to wait, but the time is shorter.

I don't know... for my usage, if i store a list, when i restore the saved data, i want a list...

Hm. Maybe try the "add 1 to console, add 2 to console, add 3 to console" approach then, where you just add a ton of- OH WAIT ONE SECOND

Adding a "append [list] to console" block. Expect finalizing of block coming later today because I can't work on it rn.

EDIT: Started block, it's basically done. Will test block later.
EDIT 2: It's a relatively easy block to make... huh... I wonder why I didn't add this in the original release...
EDIT 3: Done!!! Now with the "append _ to console" block you can add lists to consoles. Kind of. So now, with a list, the append-to-console works as a list, with multiple inputs and keeping those multiple inputs.
Example: append [list: 1, 2, 3] to console [console] code [1] would return 1, 2 and 3 as a three-item list with list data. Nested lists (like [list: 1, 2, [list: 3,4]) just concentrate to the main list (1, 2, 3, 4) though.
@loucheman, is that what you were looking for? Try out the new one.