I lost my password and I don' have the email of the account

I have an end year project for my Computer Science class in my last account, but I lost the password, my teacher was fired, the account was made from his email, and I cant contact him.

Can you email him?

Is there a reset password option?

Yes, but as they said

Meaning, they don't have access to the email, so the password reset option wouldn't work.

I don't know, then. Maybe @jens could reset the password. (I assume he has access to the backend of Snap!cloud.) Of course, this could be a hacker <rant>Please note, I'm not calling you a hacker, @kalseto. This is hypothetical.</rant>, so I understand if Jens would be cautious of handing an account over to some "random <rant>I'm not calling you random. Again, this is a hypothetical.</rant>" kid on the internet.

My advice is to just start over, as you are basically requesting to get into an account that you do not have access to (for example, if you were trying to get into my account). There are security measures against that, and I doubt a snap dev would be able to give you access.

If you did share the project, and you remember the project name exactly, you can get it, otherwise, you're out of luck.

Alternatively, a snap dev might be able to get the project from their account, and give it to you, but I don't know if they can see unshared projects.

Well, I already send an email to contact@snap.berkeley.edu hopefully if they replay it they could publish the project or give me the password, I already gave them the characteristics of the project. I know the name of the account, also the account has a singular name, it's like the mascot of my school and my name, so I really don't believe that they think that I want to hack it

tigerjose is my school account

Yes, we saw the two emails you sent to contact@sbe. We'll figure it out. Posting to the forum is less helpful.

Sorry for the two emails, I thought I have deleted one of those, I thought that post it in the forum wasn't helpful, but I just wanted to know the opinion of someone.

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