I have finished translating Snap into Russian. But there are problems

Here's the translation.: lang-ru.js
However, when I launch Snap, some of the labels remain untranslated. What should I do about it? :thinking:

Do you use vanilla Snap! or modded Snap!?

If you use vanilla Snap!...

You have to wait until you receive a new update of Snap!

If you use modded Snap!...

Tell the developer, but if it's your own mod, you can include your translation file.

vanilla Snap!

See this for translating Snap!

I did everything according to the instructions.
And if I made a mistake somewhere, I don't notice it myself.

Which blocks are not translating?

I'll finish teaching classes and take screenshots.

:snap: already has a ".ru" dictionary with many missing keywords.
You test local Snap! with the modified lang-ru.js?
Check if untranslated labels are present in your dictionary.
Or find those labels in Snap sources - maybe there are some inconsistencies between Snap label > dictionary keyword > translated entry, leaving some items not matched.

I translated ALL the entries that were in the file and added some that were poorly understood by my students.
These are the examples, which were untranslated:


Hints seems to be not localized


function addPreference(label, toggle, test, onHint, offHint, hide) {
        if (!hide || shiftClicked) {
                    (test? on : off),
                test ? onHint : offHint,
                hide ? new Color(100, 0, 0) : null

As I understand it, I need to make myself corrections to the gui.js?
And in the second case? Where are the new elements that weren't in Snap 8?

Yes, but the source code hints contains \n char. I've not tested this but dictionary keywords should exactly match those items: "check to enable\ninput sliders for\nentry fields"

There is a patch for translation files.
BTW, GH seems to be a better place for this problem

Some labels don't use localize(""), so they can't be translated.

So what should I do next?
:thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can fill a bug report.

  1. Hints are not localized - addPreferences@gui.js
  • hints are mostly preformatted ("\n"), and normalization is required to work with the current dictionary

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