I have an idea for (snap!)

What if you added a brightness effect when you look on the green flag (touching flag with mouse pointer ) when viewing a project


I made the 2nd mage btw :smiley:

Is this just to look flashy, or does it serve a purpose?

Mainly to look good. I think it look better with it.

Unlikely, then. There are lots of things to improve about the appearance of the web site. My own favorite would be to replace the teeny weeny little scrolling arrowheads with great big ones that even I can click on the first try.

lol ok then :smiley:

The big green flag button is snap itself, not the community site. Try this link:


The templating system for the community site builds this URL and sets the destination of the project frame to that URL.

You can try this by opening a project in the Snap! editor and appending &embedMode&noRun to the URL, and refreshing the page.

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