I have a new OC now!

Do you know? This art style was inspired by cs1188109 on Scratch. I do this because their style is so cute, but anyways, I made a new skunk OC, that will become the new main OC of ten_6044:
Ten 23 (Wave)2

What do you think?

Oh yeah, here's the updated version (Version 25):
Ten 25

Here's another updated version which is slightly cuter (Version 28):
Ten 28

I've again made an even cuter version (Version 33):
Ten 33

Oh yeah, the old OC name would be 6044. Why a number??? Because it's part of my username.

This character was inspired by cs1188109's Snaggy the Skunk, which means I took inspirations from that person from Scratch. The difference between Snaggy is, the tail is normal, not a butterfly thingy, and they have feet.


el stinko
But I love it. :slight_smile:

Me too, I know it's stinky. But skunks are my favorite animal since March 2024.

When is the day? 17, 18?
19? :smirk:

When I start seeing snaggytehskunk in the Snap! forums, I started to play with cs1188109 on Scratch (notice it's not mine). I started to see snaggytehskunk in March 1. Then I started to love skunks in March 16 because they're cute, due to I rated cs1188109 with 10/10, so I made an OC inspired by that person.

My OC is somewhat similar to Snaggy, although does have feet, is not having wings, and has a normal tail.

Then once I have an OC like this, I named it “Ten”, because this name came from my username, and many people called me ten. That's how it's formed.

Well, I've had like several OC's, then took them off, then made some more again. Then I took them off again. And I re-added all of them, then took them off, yet again, and added 2 more. Only one OC stayed throughout, which is my profile picture (named Axil). I'm really indecisive, as you can see, which is why I take quite literally forever to make a project.


Is it okay to have an OC similar to others but NOT identical to, and being inspired? Such as mine being similar to Snaggy the Skunk inspired by cs1188109 on Scratch?

Yeah, it's fine. I literally based one of mine off of a TikTok account, so only being inspired by its art style should be good.