I hate this, i hate thissss

this bug doesnt allow me to see my location
JUST WHY, WWHHHYYYY (sorry for my digital anger)
Screenshot 2024-05-09 180901

Wait, WHAT!?

You have to make sure you let snap access your location. You may have to go into the site settings and enable it.

i did enable it

My reaction that lead me to type my reply:
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i just wanna make a map of the users that viewed my project, like opte project's internet map

Oh. It still applies, though.

Uh, no??

Geolocation is very precise, and I don't want you to know my school or even neighborhood because my school makes location access forced enabled for all sights

Wait, are you saying your school requires you to make your location available to third parties? Not just to the school itself?

Yup! It's a very bright idea as you can tell /s
It used to be optional, but not anymore

Perhaps your parent(s) should write the school a letter.

I could do it personally, but honestly it would be mostly a waste of time because we loose our Chromebooks on Wednesday, and honestly it's district rules, not theirs

Well then that's whom to write the letter to. It'd still be worth doing for next year's students, no?


well, theres nothing we can do in the opte project in snap


Also, I'm pretty sure thats against the TOS, but can you at least make it optional?

When I look up OPTE I get this Instagram thing,

so I don't know what you and @mehone are talking about.

I don't know what mehone is talking about either

opte project is a map of the internet thingy