I hate this forum bug

for some reason, when i post something like 'WHERE DID YOU GET THAT FROM', it gives 'is it a complete sentence' error, and i hate it

like, it doesnt even allow me to say something

also, if you want proof, i have to say that, if the error doesnt come, well its fixed or the forum is buggy

To avoid spam, the forum does not allow posts that are not complete sentences. That's not a bug and is intentionally made like that. :grin:

Just hit the Escape key and ignore it. I never read any of those messages.

you're also an admin :)

The forum software just won't let you post it. Hitting escape is not an option.

Of course I agree with the forum, you shouldn't have your entire post be in all caps anyway, as it can come off in different ways. The best way to not have to deal with this, is by not using all caps (just make it lowercase).


Oh. That's really annoying. Can we turn it off? Can we turn all those annoying messages off? I looked for a setting and didn't find one.

I don't know, you'd have to ask on https://meta.discourse.org

its becoming annoying

but sometimes, when something is funny or something else, i have to use it

Trying adding elements that are invisible when empty at the end of the post, such as [spoiler][/spoiler]. It worked for me.