I had a question about the API

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With the get-url reporter, you could just grab someone who has clicked the project's email with a little bit of code and then send that data to yourself or someone else.
Is that supposed to be able to happen? It kinda seems like a security risk...

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Ah. Thanks

API will be blocked in the next major update. Don't worry.



"API will be blocked in the next major update."

Wait, what does that mean? That the API won't be accessible through get-url anymore?


@pajamaclaws21 you can still use a CORS block.

heh... what's CORS again?
And where would I find that block? Would a specific "CORS" go into a URL block or is there a library of some kind?

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Good idea:

Just don't return the email when you call the the API.
The API has many good uses, like fetching project data.

That won't work, the user credentials won't be passed in the request.

you can also use the snap 6 https library in snap 7, but you do need js enabled though.

Yes, typically that's how you would grab information like a username or email. I was asking if that library's capability to access the API will be removed in 7 or something.

348663451y or programmer_user could someone please explain to me what CORS is?????

What do you mean?

it already is, just check the snap beta.

The problem is, when you convert your snap 6 project to snap 7, with the old https library, it'll still have access to the api, but if you use the snap 7 library, it'll block the api.

Ah. Thank you.

:~/ Say good-bye to my version control project idea.
And fetching the user's username without JS.

I mean, you could make it in Snap! 6 for now?