I got a new PFP!

Do yall like it?
Logo (2)


thx! i made it in figma.


Oh ok

i used to use that
for some reason a bunch of people look at and duplicate my stuff

nice icons :wink:

I see why people are duplicating your stuff, they're stuff a lot of people would use.

That looks like the dark mode switch in iOS (and I'm confident other Apple products as well)

Really? I've never had an iOS, so i never knew.
do i need to get a new pfp?

Hopefully it's fine. There shouldn't be a reason to copyright a simple design consisting of basic shapes like this. I'm not sure, I'll find it out later.

No, you're perfectly fine. That design is a simple thing that I'm sure lots of people have used.

well when i made it i wanted to be at least sorta original

It's Really Cool!!! :grin: