I found the first ever Snap! project ever published

I feel like this should be put on the Wiki.

This project was first published on March 1, 2018, and made on October 12, 2017.

I feel like it definitely goes back much farther than this... pff

I see someone rude, perhaps.



I use it like Lol or Lmao... this is not meant to be rude.

Publishing projects is a fairly new feature. Shared projects existed since snap was a webapp, but for a while the homepage was static.

Oh. Okay.

"PFF means the same as PFFT" has to be the funniest dictionary definition I've ever seen!

The first Snap! projects, plural, were carried over from the earlier BYOB implementation. More interesting would be to know the first BYOB project in the cloud, but I'm sure that was something by Jens. :~) I think the reason your first one was by bromagosa is that he wrote the community-sharing web site, so he would have been the first tester.

Hm...I wonder what the first project was though.


Just a note about the wiki: anyone can edit it.

try going into the wayback machine. thats would I did to find the first project and the first save of the Snap! website

What does this mean?

It was the exact same each time.

What was on the snap homepage

No clue, I joined in 2020.

oh, ok

It had at least some stuff about "snap is scheme disguised as scratch", the example projects, and some links.