I found a topic about bloP

The instructions page gives a link to an online demo, but that demo doesn't seem to exist anymore at the link.

You’d think a website made by Harvard would have a better UI.

? It was made by s_federici.
Oh, you mean the instruction page. What don't you like about it?

The bad CSS.

It's definitely better than a "plain" style. And what part of the bad CSS don't you like?

The bad quality text, the plainness.

Yeah, sans-serif fonts are ugly. (But just look to Baskerville, a serif font! Oh, and bh's favorite font.)

? It doesn't seem that plain.

To me it seems plane.

Airplane? (jk)

I meant plain sorry.

Yes, I know, which is why:

No, I don't think it's the font. Something else just makes the page "blank"

I like the idea of having headers in a modern serif(Something similar to Baskerville) and everything else in sans-serif.

The bunch of empty space on the sides?

Ugh. At least I can bear this forum having sans-serif.