I found a pixilart website that also does animations

i found a pixil art website that is 100% free and i use for all of my pixilart.
(this is for all of you guys who make pixilart games or animations)

and this something you made? if not its wrong cata and i dont see how its important to snap!.

The term for this kind of art is "pixel art", not "pixilart".
Calling pixel art pixilart is like calling a regular tissue a kleenex

sorry i just didnt know what catagory to put it in under since it requires a catagory. can you please tell me what catagory to put it under.

What does a Pixel Art website have to do with Snap! or Share your Projects? It has NOTHING to do with Snap! and it also isn't your project!

It's kind of like the topics you kept creating.

i was trying to help other people who do pixilart animations and games on snap so they have an easier resource to go to when they are doing these types of things

if you recall, i said in the post above yours if you read it that i didnt know what catagory to put it under


What do you mean? Give me one of my topics that AREN'T part of the category I posted them in. Also good luck finding them!

It's the name of the we-never mind.

Actually, no, it's not the name of the website. The name of the website is "Piskel".

This isn't something that's unrelated to the category, but...
These isn't related to Snap! at all. I smell hypocrisy.

Those are forum posts posted on the "Computer Science" and the "Physical Computing" categories so they are NOT off topic

But they don't use Snap!

Is physical computing part of Snap or requires Snap? NO THEY DON'T!

If it's on the Snap! Forum, then yes, it's about Snap!!!!

To help people with their projects.

Those would be appropriate with your topics.

Except they weren't using Snap!! They were using Tinkercad!