I don't know if either screenshot is a bug or not but they could be

@questionerx5 showed me and two others these

but because i haven't been around idk if these are bugs or not

@jens and anyone else


I'm also talking about the defer option

Welp i haven't used snap since either december or january

there is no

(click on the person icon)

So, first, auto-closing threads is a setting per category. Not a bug.

And second, please don't @ people because you're impatient to get an answer. That's for if there's a specific person, who maybe doesn't read every message here, who is for example the author of a project you're commenting on. Or if you're replying to two people in the same post and you want to clarify who should read what.

Especially please don't annoy Jens that way. He has plenty to do on Snap! without answering your question about the forum software. It's not quite so bad to do it to me, but pointless, because I get so many of those notifications that I just delete them without reading them.

And, not just you but everybody, don't be so damn impatient! You opened this thread an entire hour ago, and 20 minutes later you're already complaining because you haven't had an answer. We do occasionally have to sleep or eat.

Both topics are in the category Share your projects but only cool custom blocks has the close message...
Wait, I think I might know why it's happening. Maybe the topic was changed to help with Snap! temporarily, like to select a solution or something, and the message stayed there afterwards

never was.