I can't upload a custom block on fourms

I show my costum block on snap fourms. how do I do it?

Share the project (do you know already?) with custom block and copy the link and put the link in the forums.

New users (typically, first day, although it's based on things like how many posts you've read) are restricted from including media in posts, as an anti-spam measure.

But @110443 is not a new user.

Oh. Sorry...

Right-click on a custom block, press script pic...
Screenshot 2024-01-27 172030

Then press the image icon in the bar. Choose your image. It is usually from your Downloads folder. Then done.

Or you can drag and drop the image into the browser, which can be quicker, as there is usually a popup with recent downloads.

does this work with custom block's?

I'm not a new user. I've been on snap late 2018

shederalderalball 5.6666666666 script pic

shederalderalball 5.6666666666 script pic

wen you shoot the green teal ball, the custom block won't detect the raygun in the game shederal ball. how can you make the custom block detect the raygun? so when the raygun hit's the ball, you win in the game I made called shederalball. why is this happing? and how can I fix it?
shederalderalball 5.6666666666 script pic