I can't save my project

Help, i can't save my project and i cant change the color in the set pen color block!
Basically, i was making a project to get data from a scratch user, but it won't save!
If i try to save it to the cloud, then it just infinitely saves, and if i try to save it to my computer, an error pops up!

The only thing i can do is import / export script pics, or reload the tab, but reloading only fixes it for a minute!
I think it MIGHT have something to do with the fact i was switching between snap and other tabs?
Please, Snap devs, please fix this.

Weird I usually make like 5-10 projects a day and I use multiple tabs, It might be something else if its not that but if I run into it I will investigate it more

"tainted canvas" maybe points to you having loaded an image from another website ,Scratch in this case,without their explicit permission

Try deleting any costumes that might have been created from something like that

Ah I thought it could be something to do with multiple tabs saving the same project. I tested this by making 2 of the same project name saving but they had different code. The last one I saved was the one that saved that should probably be expected now that I think about it more.

yeah, it can only save if the sprites arent using any costumes from scratch, and if there isnt costumes from scratch on the pen

Idea: maybe use screenshots of the sprites costumes and put the screenshot into the costume/sprite area. This is only an idea idk if it would work with advanced sprite stuff.

Edit: I'm going to see if it does the same thing with turbowarp costumes

looks like it works through using turbowarp.org

thats not what i'm doing, i'm making it so that people can view the profile page of ANY scratch user, so i can't just put the pfps into the project because that'll take up more than the project size limit and it'll take forever

"Tainted" doesn't mean "copied from Scratch without permission," although that's a good guess. :~) It refers to SVG pictures from untrusted sources, because an SVG is executable code and could therefore contain malware.

P.S. Maybe you could fix this by converting the SVG to a bitmap before saving it?

The COORS policy for images is slightly relaxed for backward compatibility.
So you can download a "dynamic" tainted costume but not get its content for saving.

but the user pfp isnt an svg, its a png

same thing, browsers don't like anything that is "tainted". tainted refers to a canvas that has an image that was drawn from a source that was not the trusted. in this case, the only trusted domain is snap.berkeley.edu.

which means your either importing an image from another tab, or using the "cst_load(url)" function.

doesn't matter what image format your using, if it's not trusted you can't save it, nor export it.

That's never been true of bitmap images in the past, though. Just SVGs. Has something changed?

i think it was just more browser security.

i'm not sure, but most browsers don't like that.