I can’t find the media library!

Please tell us where the media library is! In order to find the crab. Under costumes for mission objective four.


I'm not sure I understand that last sentence, but look in the file menu (:page_facing_up:).

Thanks for your feedback. I am not able to able to carry out the mission 4 objective in the book titled “changing your costume” because when I click on the file icon and choose costumes as instructed, upon scrolling down, i don’t see the crabs to click on.
Also, is snap slow with apple?Since it’s always slow to load.

Media library’s not opening up for me.

Works for me!

Loading costumes is slow; it's on our short list to fix. If you're not finding this costume, are you using a local version of Snap! or something? What URL do you use to run it?

are you using an iPad?

Yes I am

I’m using snap.berkeley.edu

Sounds like @jens knows what the problem is. No SVGs on iThings?

sadly, iOS has been getting worse to a point where now it's become all but useless for Snap. They've degraded stability and performance for iOS so Snap now only works on the very latest hardware, and then it doesn't work reliably. Please use Snap! on a laptop or Chromebook.

We're using a windows laptop and we still cant get the media library to open with Edge. It just seems to hang and then the script craps out. I have managed to get it to load in chrome though...

As we say in the Technical Requirements page, Chrome is the recommended browser for Snap!. I'm a Firefox user and it all works great there too, but I don't know about other browsers.

works great on chrome-based vivaldi