I broke a snap record for the longest script

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so, i tried making the longest script without any reporters, predicts or any other stuff, just commands, and i think i remade the country of chile :chile: with digital blocks

yeah, it was so laggy my computer made angry noises while turning red

i could image getting a 'longest block' trophy

The image is 11396 pixels tall :exploding_head:


It's 249 blocks only, so it isn't that much.

But the script is cool! I don't think you beat it, I can beat it by just adding 1 more block to the script, and others can beat me by adding 1 more, and so on...

lag exists, thats why its only 249 blocks

theres also this

it looks like a egyptian pyramid that got 90 degree'd, btw its all made out of forever loops

Now how about the longest script that actually does something.

meh, im lazy

Here's a really long one that draws the periodic table using only pen:
The periodic table of the elements script pic

60 blocks -- my longest script ever.

This is cool! Because of the context I figured there would be 118 separate copies of the sub-script to draw each element, but no, it's actually data directed!

What's up with Curium? In your list of symbols it's Cu, which is also (correctly) the symbol for Copper. And then you have explicit code in DRAW PERIODIC TABLE to correct for that.

Did you write code for the atomic numbers and weights because you were planning to show those in the table but ran out of energy?

I have one suggestion about the data structure (possibly related to the question about Curium?): Instead of separate lists for symbol, group, weight, name, etc., which is error-prone, I would just have one huge list of elements:

The periodic table of the elements script pic (1)

And then your selectors can be, e.g.,

By the way, if your list of elements is in order, you don't actually have to have the atomic number as part of the element structure; you can use INDEX OF to compute it. But that redundancy might be okay to guard against leaving one out.

For some reason, the sprite kept filling the box for curium with black instead of the correct color. I don't know why, so I had to code it separately.

My bad. I just fixed it.

That's just a coincidence; I had it wrong in my symbols list, but right in the periodic table. It wasn't the symbol that I was correcting; it was its fill color, because for some reason it was filled black.


Why didn't I think of that?
I tend to make things unnecessarily complicated. :man_facepalming:

Also, thanks for your suggestions.

ASM IDE script pic

The image is even taller than the previous one, 11861 blocks tall! :dizzy_face:
ASM IDE script pic

The block definition has 1548 blocks in it.

I don't understand; if it's 11861 blocks tall, doesn't it have to have at least 11861 blocks in it?

(OTOH if you're going to count the result of SPLIT BY BLOCKS to count blocks, you have to KEEP <IS ( ) A BLOCK?> the result; some of its items are constant numbers or text in input slots.)

But they are using KEEP <IS () A [script]>, which includes commands, reporters, and predicates, but not text and numbers.

Sorry, I meant, 11861 pixels tall, it's an image by the way.


just imagine the lag