I Am New

I can't Use Other Sprite.

Hi, welcome!

I don't understand what it is you can't do. Make another sprite? Switch to editing another sprite? Please give details.

Welcome @tucker08! :bust_in_silhouette:
I do not know what you mean by "I can't Use Other Sprite." Please give more info so we can help!.
And your the one that commented on my profile on scratch nice to see you here now! :grinning:

Following doesn't exist in Snap!

he's probably talking about in scratch, but if he is then he should ask on scratch instead.

Okay, gang, don't hijack the thread. (He's new, as the title says; you're old friends and role models!)

@tucker08: Click on the "Stage" icon to the right of the scripting area, then drag your picture into the Snap! window.

or click on the "Stage" stage icon and click on file > import and select an image.