Hyposyn Monthly Press Release, SnipOS 5, Level Pro (Beta), and more

Every month, I will release projects by hyposyn, and announce future projects.

Welcome to HMPR 12/22

SnipOS 5

I have added so much stuff.

Welcome to SnipOS 5.

SnipOS is an operating system simulator by Hyposyn Software. There are 5 main versions, each one becoming more capable as time progresses.

SnipOS 5 is our most powerful operating system simulator yet. At Hyposyn Software, we put our hearts into what we make. With SnipOS 5, you get access to exclusive apps, including,

Hydro Tracks (With Native Plugins)
Fusion Motorsport 2 (With Expansion Pack)
Notebook (A more powerful note-taking application)
Hyposyn Search (with Hyvo support)
Hyposyn Calculator
And many more apps.

Here is everything new you need to know about SnipOS 5.

Hyposyn Search
Hyposyn search lets you access the Hyposyn Internet.
Find information about all our projects, and view animations on Hyvo Alpha.

Hydro Pro
Hydro Pro is the hyposyn simple way of making music. Including MintXD, CaliChords, and more.

Notebook (or Analog Notebook) is the new way to take notes on SnipOS. Including page support and supports making your novel up to 10 pages!*

All SnipOS 5 sessions come with 32HB (Hyposyn Bytes) to save the system from crashing. You can expand the storage using codes, though, it increases the chance of errors in applications like Paint and Notebook.

Bug fixes & Changes:

Major updates to the start menu
Lock Screen customization (coming soon)
Home screen customization
Larger Canvas sizes in Paint
“Maps” Application added to view the world map (coming soon)
SpikeAI v0.79
Syn16 Render fixed and updated to Syn32
Animation support
60% faster loading
Fixes major render errors
Fixes major camera errors.
And more.

Try it out now. SnipOS 5

Level Pro (Beta)

Level Pro will be the most potent and fastest DAW by Hyposyn. as of right now, it is currently being polished up, and will be released Christmas Day. (around 9:00 AM, EST)

Spike v0.84

Spike v0.84 will be a major update for Spike, bringing 25 new responses, custom responses, and more. (Coming soon, 12/15/2022.)

But yeah, hope you enjoy SnipOS 5 because I spent a lot of time making sure it was amazing.
Also reply for feedback, questions, suggestions, or constructive criticism


(p.s. the @hyposyn account is for like side projects that me and the team are working on.)


Nice updates with Snip OS! Hyposyn Search seems like a dime… I’ll check it out.

I fixed it.

Hyposyn Search is in alpha and only a few things can be searched on it I think at the moment, I'm working on it now.

Also thanks!

I am going to make a seperate project called Hyposyn Search as I think I can make something cool with it.



yikes i had an idea but failed.

made a UI for it that might work, my idea was like this: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/495157826/ but with search, and a developer tab.


hey, soon ill release a project that will allow you to crawl the internet and you can make your own search engine @earthrulerr

Nice! May i suggest a name?

Dang, your projects have mmm increased in quality over the span of a few months! Much better than me in Scratch...I started out with animations (albeit awful animations) and then somehow ended with awful software and games.

its a personal project unrelated to hyposyn and I'm just going to call it web crawler but sure I guess


didnt you already do that?

its cloud data, for like passwords and stuff.

Thank you!!


um no?

It's just a cool name coined by Sladescar for his OS

Are Hyposyn Bytes a unit of measurement? If so, how many bytes are stored in an HB?