Hyperize the TOUCHING block

I think this ([scratchblocks]touching[ v]?[/scratchblocks]) should be hyperized.

you can use touching on a list of sprites/names, and it will report true if any of them are touched (that's a pre-hyper feature). Hint: To make it more performant don't use it on the list of all (other) sprites, but only on the neighbors.

I have this arrangement of sprites. The blue one is called npc_test1.
I also have this variable, which is set to a list with one item:
untitled script pic
Now, if I run this function in the purple sprite:
untitled script pic (1)
What went wrong? (I'm using Snap! 7 dev rc6)

You mean rc6. Hard refresh.
EDIT: You fixed it.

well, I mean, maybe it was just updated after I opened the tab (which is likely since it will change the name if I open a new one without hard refreshing), but I don't feel like getting into an argument right now

No, it has been like that for the majority of the day so far.

Sounds like a plan. I'll remove myself from this conversation.

untitled script pic - 2021-12-12T005625.992

Yeah, I figured that out earlier... Thanks!

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