Hyperize <is [] a [ v]>

Currently I have to MAP it:
question answer script pic (2)
However, it would be much easier just to use this:

There's a TYPE OF block hidden in dev mode (shift-click the logo).

Yes, but I don't normally go into dev mode.

Well, but you could, to solve this problem. (The block remains in your script when you go back to normal mode.)

I know that. But it's hidden because it's a dev mode, not really meant for the normal user. (I actually thought of the TYPE OF before I posted this.)

Actually I don't know why it's hidden. I don't think there's anything evil or dangerous about it!

If you're talking about the TYPE OF, it might be experimental.

Nah, it's been there since forever. I'll ask Jens when his vacation is over.

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