I want to draw a hyperbola.
Desmos:(the negate is to simulate snappy coordinates)



Maybe someone should retake trignomometry class(well apparently its g9 stuff and im g6)

It seems that you always post problems that you end up solving yourself. Before posting, try a little harder next time to get your code to work. And if there are no possible solutions you can think of (after about a day or something like that, that's what I do), THEN I ask on the forum.

Sometimes I'm also like that. For me, I struggle to figure something out, but when I ask someone for help, I tend to see the problem in a different way. My advice is actually just to take a break. Believe me, it helps.

Your first graph was also a hyperbola, just rotated 45° from how you wanted it. And also you should reduce the eccentricity to get a smoother curve.

And you've been told before that pinging me doesn't help. If I were watching the forum and had anything to say about your topic, I would reply to it without pestering. And it was after midnight; I'm allowed to sleep some time. Learn to be patient.

Yeah,I was pondering for 2 hours then I posted this.Duck debugging helps.

I needed that particular curve,unless something rocket science won't work


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