Https:// is down?

@moderators is down now

If i click on a project link on the forum

Yeah, that happens occasionally.

When you make a website that you publicly let everyone see and use, you need a certificate that proves your website doesn't sell any information to any malicious people like hackers.

Sometimes these certificates expire though and you have to renew them in order to let others use it again.


When the Snap! website becomes unsafe (When you get the "Back to Safety" button, obviously), then it means its safety certificate has been expired.

This is a normal thing which all people should or would expect. Don't worry about it. Once the Snap! team knows about the issue, they'd renew their safety certificate.

Community site and editor is down for me.

Didn’t the certificate expire a month ago though?

can't save on the server: save locally if you have problems

Could not fetch project 1D Cellular Automata

My project?

This has been fixed now. Sorry for the trouble! :frowning:

It works now!

:raised_hands: :clap: :alonzo:

They saved it after 16 to 24 hours. Now the website is up and running.

Sorry for the late reply but no, the certificate can expire at any time within 1 month (or so I think)