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Yeah it's me. My obsession for HTML kicked in when I saw @helicoptur 's project with a ton of custom blocks. I was looking at all the blocks and saw a few that I liked then explored them more. Then for some reason it took me forever to find out I could use them to run HTML. All of the instructions are told to you in the notes so just click the green flag! I added saving that auto saves when you enter your code so that when you re open it you do not have to add your code back if you want to edit it.

HTML Runner: HTML Runner by earthrulerr - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

My obsession with HTML: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

Thanks helicoptur for the cool blocks you guys should check it out: Custom blocks by helicoptur - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (

Oh also I am having a problem with a JS alert I added for the example. For some reason the alert won't show up. On the real project I have <body> instead of <p> like below but they both do not work.

<html><head></head><p><script>alert("Hello this is an HTML example")</script></p>

Is what I have or something like that. *It is not running the code on Snap! you download the file by going to the project and looking inside for the example then click it. Open the file and the code shows up but the alert does not. It shows red but I do not know what's wrong. When I run the code in TextEdit it works fine but not here.

right before document.createElement('a'), in your script for downloading, add top.window.. It should then look like this: top.window.document.createElement('a'),

I will fix it in a bit I am busy right now thanks for telling me.

I fixed the JS but it still won't run the alert.

i dont think its posible to use alert on the project page.

I'm not sure what do you try to achieve? To show HTML inside Snap! in a slightly more controlled way you may use HTMLDialog

I've seen it happen before.

Do you have a link to it? It could help this person out. (It could also help me to)

Makes since.

to what?

That wouldn't be a browser, that would just be a HTML viewer

oh wait sorry, wrong topic

Makes what since when?

He probably meant "Makes sense"

Yes I did.